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alpha mind

alpha mind

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Unlock your true potential with Alpha Mind, the 4th generation daily brain support formula developed by the top-notch neurological team at Alpha Mind Labs in Sydney.

Our formula is the result of four years of extensive research and development.  Scientifically designed to optimise your cognitive performance and support overall brain health.

What makes Alpha Mind stand out is its unique composition of bioactive compounds that work synergistically, clinical dosages based on empirical data from double-blind placebo tests in clinical trials for each ingredient, and a formula that's been optimised by our PHD of pharmacology for maximum efficacy.

With Alpha Mind, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible. This premium, safe, and scientifically-researched formula will support your mind, upgrade your life, and help you unleash your true potential.

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frequently asked questions


Does Revive work?

We know it works, but don't take it from us. Read some of our rave reviews in the section above to find out what real customers are saying about their Revive experience.

How will I feel the next day?

You'll notice a significant reduction in nausea, headaches and general queasiness. Another great benefit of Revive is you'll experience a far less severe drop in mood.

What are the limitations?

Revive works wonders but it has its limits. Play it smart, limit your alcohol intake and always drink water throughout. You'll thank yourself the next day.

Where can I get Revive?

We are primarily online at this time although new stores stock our products every week. We will be providing a stockist list on this website very soon. Keep a look out for it.